KUBIM students joined an exchange program at Akita International University, Japan

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Six second year students at the Bachelor of Business Administration International Program in Marketing (KUBIM), together with Dr.Chonlada Sajjanit and Dr.Paitoon Chetthamrongchai, Committee of KUBIM Program, joined an exchange program of “Inbound Tourism for Regional Development Project for Sendai Tourism Industry” from 7th February to the 20th February 2019 at Akita International University, Japan.

   The program, which first happened last year, is organized by Akita International University, together with KUBIM Program. The purpose of a program is to develop authentic learning experiences to aims to equip students with these essential life skills, to show the connection between learning in the class and real-life and to give students the problem solving skills. KUBIM Students working together with the Japanese students on projects of ‘marketing in snow festival’ that how much does a foreigners like Japanese culture, why this festival is not acquainted and how to develop this festival to become famous.

   An overseas exchange program provides students with distinct benefits from the study, by visiting museums or souvenir shops to survey determine customer demand and sales forecasting. Furthermore, this program can also create more knowledge and new experience to KUBIM Student by learning Japanese culture through self-study.